September 18, 2012

How to post a comment

You are most welcome to post a comment!! Now that I have removed the word verification thing, I think commenting should be easier. Sorry about the delay on hopping on fixing that.

The first step is to get to a point where you can post a comment. Regardless of your starting point, the main page or an individual post, it is easy to do.
1) Starting from the main page (
Click on the title of the post that you are interested in commenting on. For this post, you would click on 'How to post a comment' which appears in slightly larger blue letters, below the date and above 'Hello!'.
2) Adding a comment once inside a post
If you scroll down once you are inside a post, there should be an empty box that says 'Enter your comment...' Click in this box to type a comment. When you start to type, the 'Enter your comment...' text will disappear.
3) Submitting the comment
Now that you have written the comment, it needs to be published. At the bottom of the box that you wrote the comment in, there is a 'Comment as' drop down menu. Click on this. The easiest way about it is to select 'Name/URL' which is second from the bottom in the list of options. This will lead to an automatic pop-up. Enter only your name in the appropriate spot, and then hit 'Continue.' Finally, hit the 'Publish' button (on the left beneath 'Comment as').

Now that you have published your comment, you should be redirected and your comment should appear!

If you are signed in to a Google account, the 'Comment as' drop down menu should appear with your name already. Ignore this sentence if you are a beginner.

Hope this helps, and I look forward to reading people's comments :)

Take care,


  1. ok let me try this as a test page

  2. I'm so happy for you that all is going so well. Great selection of shirts - you look beautiful in the white one - the detailing is amazing! Take care and lots of love, Mom